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At Ditzfeld, Inc. we take safety very seriously. To drive home that message, we issued a Safety Challenge for our over the road drivers. The challenge took place from July 1, 2015 through October 31st, 2015. Each over the road driver had the opportunity to have 3 chances in the drawing for 1st place-$3,000-CASH, 2nd place-$1,000-CASH, and 3rd place-$1,000 CASH. 


For the 1st entry, they had to watch 3 short safety videos and take a short quiz, with 100% grade. For their second entry they had to be accident free, and for a third entry they had to drive at least 40,000 miles.



1st Place Winner, Richard Koepke. Richard won $3,000.00 cash for completing 3 safety videos & quizzes. 

2nd Place Winner, Ron Hacker.

Ron won $1,000.00 cash for completing 3 safety videos & quizzes. 

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